Will Mellor

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Utilising modern technology while raising a toddler.

Will and I discuss how best to travel with a toddler and other modern parenting techniques like the best setup for movies on iPads. We also chat about the terrible twos, dealing with blood, avoiding WebMD and even taking time out for yourself once a week.

I hope you enjoy it.

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@2oceansvibe on Instagram

Rian van der Merwe

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From colic to board games to token systems.

The guest on this show, Rian Van Der Merwe, cares deeply about almost anything that he deems worthy of his thoughts, so it’s no wonder that he has some great views on the topic of parenting.

From dealing with colic to personal free time, books to iPads, it’s a great show about how he’s raising his two daughters.

I hope you enjoy it.

Find Rian online:
@RianVDM on Twitter
Making it Right: Product Management For a Startup World

Jedd Schroy

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Love is spelt T.I.M.E

Jedd was a refreshing candidate to host on the show with an exceptionally open mindset around raising his 4 (yes… four!) daughters.

The fact that he created an app around creating childhood memories (Adventure Club) tells us a lot about his ethos around life and experiences. We get into a range of topics, not least down time, iPads, getting outside and working from home with his wife as his business partner.

I hope you enjoy the show!